Brief History of Casinos and The First Well known Casino

Brief History of Casinos and The First Well known Casino

The exact history and origin of casinos and gambling is somewhat unknown, but for almost as long as civilisation has existed, wagering has been enjoyed in one-way or another. The Chinese recorded the first instant of gambling in 2300 B.C and if you take a look at history, there are plenty of gambling stories that have arisen from the ancient Greeks, Romans and even Egyptians.

The First Well Known Casino

If we look back in time, the first casino that was well known was the Casino di Venezia, which was established in Italy in 1638. Amazingly, this casino is still operational today and is one of the worlds most famous, due to its lengthy time of operation. Located on the canals of Venice, this imposing 3 story casino is the epitome of classic gambling and its lush interior and luxurious finishes provides players with a perfectly opulent backdrop against which to enjoy table games and other entertainment.

Gambling in America

In the early 20th Century gambling was illegal in America and casinos were not allowed to operate in any way, shape or form. In 1931 however, gambling was legalised in the Nevada State and Las Vegas, and Sin City was born. In 1978 gambling was also legalised in Atlantic City and today, it is the second biggest American gambling city. New Jersey is also currently one of the few states in the USA to legalise online gambling, provided that casinos are linked to existing land based establishments, and it looks like other states may soon follow suit.

Gambling in Europe

In Europe, casinos were incredibly popular as a place for those in the upper echelons of society to frequent. History has shown that a number of popular casino games were derived from wagering style entertainment that the English enjoyed, with Hazard and Roly Poly forming a basis of online craps and online roulette NZ. The history of poker can also be traced back to the Italians and Persians, and in France, casinos and gambling dates back to the time of Napoleon.

The French can be credited for creating blackjack, and Napoleon was known to have a special interest in the game of Vingt et Un, or 21. The French also influenced roulette, although the actual origins of this wheel of fortune game can be traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

Casino Etymology

The word casino has Italian origins and means a building that has been built for pleasure. Originally, casinos were also used to host town functions such as dances and plays, musical performances and other activities that were popular at the time, but over the years, they became renowned for places where gambling could be enjoyed. Casinos also have Spanish and German roots, and the word was used to describe building where sporting events or other activities that were pleasurable took place.

Massive Growth of Casinos

Casinos have become popular the world over and almost everywhere you go, there will be a place to play. There are some more famous casinos than others, and the Casino de Monte Carlo, the Bellagio, The Palms and The Claremont Club all attract a huge number of players annually.

By going online in the 1990’s, casinos allowed for the industry to grow even further and its clear that the future of casinos is now intrinsically linked to technology.