Diamonds of Athens Casino Slot Reviewed Online

Diamonds of Athens Casino Slot Reviewed Online

Diamonds of Athens is an online slot game created by IGT. It is most well known for its rich, highly detailed graphics and professionally realised theme. The genre of the theme is ancient Greece, and it is clear that much has been done to bring this ancient time to life in the form of a slot game. From beautiful Greek women to a ferocious minotaur, Greek mythology is dripping from every layer of the game, offering a pleasant experience even if just to see the images.

The sound, however, has not had as much time put into it as the graphics, and the very generic real spinning music detracts somewhat from the excellent visuals. In terms of game play Diamonds of Athens uses a five reel, fifty play line system, allowing the player to select individual betting lines and an exact bet amount. This offers immense freedom and strategy, making the experience appealing to both veteran and amateur players.

Standard Play Rules

As has already, before each spin the player is allowed to change the number of lines to bet on and the betting amount. The goal, of course, is to create matching sequences in the play area, which will grant instant payouts. The most valuable standard symbol in the game is the beautiful woman, who will grant an immense payout if matched five times. She is followed by the white haired Greek warrior, the Minotaur, and the Cyclops.

Diamonds of Athens Standard Play Rules

These excellently created images lack animations when matched, but are created with such amazing attention to detail that it hardly matters. The least valuable symbols are the ten, jack, queen king and ace of playing cards, which are a bit disappointing as far as visuals go, especially since they have not even been stylised to fit the theme. Like placing election bets online, this slots casino game can be accessed on desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

Bonuses and Special Features

Diamonds of Athens has a super stacks feature, which goes a long way to injecting excitement to the game play. Super stacks are activated when free spins are won, and can be clearly seen as they occupy entire rows of the play area with each spin. Their presence, of course, greatly improves the chances of winning sequences being created. This means that free spins not only have no cost to the player, but are also highly generous. In order to win free spins, simply match the words Diamonds of Athens thee times on any of the reels, in any position.

The other bonus symbol to look out for is the diamond, which will trigger a bonus mini game upon being matched at least three times. The mini-game requires the player to click or tap icons from those that appear, with cash prizes being revealed beneath. The player may keep selecting symbols and gathering money until such time as a Minotaur is revealed, which will end the game. All cash won up until that point will be added to the balance and the player will be returned to the standard game. Note that the diamond symbol is very rare to appear on the reels, making it difficult to trigger a bonus game.