Formula One sports betting explained

Formula One sports betting explained

There are a lot of markets that you can explore that relate to Formula One betting, with the key focus being Outright Betting. This form of betting looks into the entire season and not just one event.

Formula One Odds

  • F1 Drivers Championship Odds: This style of betting looks at who will be announced as the winner of the Drivers’ Championship. The winner is determined by calculating the number of points that have been accumulated throughout the year. The person who bet on the correct person wins.
  • F1 Constructors’ Championship Odds: This relates to the team that wins the championship. In F1, there are two drivers per team, and the sum of their points will be used to select a winner.
  • F1 Any Race Podium Finish Odds: This relates to betting on specific races and the outcomes thereof. If the selected driver places in the race, i.e. comes first, second or third, you will win the bet.
  • Driver versus driver: In this style, you have the option of betting on one of two drivers. The person whose driver places the highest at the end of the season wins.
  • Race winner: This relates to the person that finishes a specific race in the shortest time.
  • Pole odds: This is determined the day before the race during the qualifying session. The person with the fastest time is award pole position, the first place on the grid. Here you are betting on who will get this spot.
  • Fastest lap: This bet looks at who will have the fastest lap in the race – regardless of whether they finish or not. If you choose the correct person, you’ll win.
  • Top 3: Here you will bet on who will have a podium finish. You will win as long as the person you bet on places.
  • Safety cars: You can also bet on whether or not a safety car will appear during the race, this is a simple yes or no bet.


There are a lot of techniques and strategies you can follow to win big with Formula One. It will help you understand the sport and assist you in placing winning bets.

  • Look at the statistics available on the drivers’ performance and their current race performance.
  • Research the preferred tracks for each driver and take a look at the history of the race.
  • Read the race previews to better understand the drivers and the race.
  • The weather will impact performance, so be sure to check the weather report beforehand. Some drivers are better at handling certain weather conditions.
  • Take a look at the grid positioning and whether or not cars can easily overtake one another. If cars cannot pass one another, grid positioning will play an important part in who wins.
  • Familiarize yourself with previous lap timing and the drivers that excel on that specific track.

There’s A Lot Of Options

As you can see, there’s no shortage of betting options available when it comes to Formula One. You can, of course, place multiple bets throughout the season if you’re feeling up to it, or you can simply bet on the final outcome. The choice is yours.