French Open Online Betting Guide for Punters

French Open Online Betting Guide for Punters

When it come to betting on any type of sport, especially huge events like the French Open, it is very important that punters have a strategy in place before they place that first wager, and this is particularly true when it comes to tennis betting.

Tennis players make use of a variety of surfaces when they engage in matches, with clay; hard court and grass being those available.

The French Open is played on clay courts, and understanding the differences between these and which players are best suited to which surfaces, will go a long way in helping punters back the correct player to win.

The French Open is the only one of the Grand Slam events to be played on clay, and this makes for the slowest surface for any of the Grand Slams. This loss of speed suits players who are able to move properly, since it is a much more difficult surface to grip and to change direction on. Players are required to be more fit; mobile; and quick, and those who use the slide-technique to get to shots are able to shine, and punters who have done their research will far more easily be able to predict who the winner will be.

Clay Court Consideration for French Open Online Betting

The season for clay court tennis matches begins around April every year, and stretches through to mid-June, with the French Open signalling the changeover to games played on grass.

What makes clay court games like the French Open so different from the others is that the surface these are played on producing a very high bounce for the ball in comparison with grass and hard courts, and slow the ball down significantly as well. This means that players who rely on big serves, or those that like to serve and volley, will find it far more difficult to dominate on this particular surface.

The French Open’s clay surfaces are the slowest of them all, and are generally known for delivering long baseline rallies. It is a typically continental surface, very popular in both South and Central America, and many of today’s top tennis players learned the tricks of their trade on the red dirt this court covering is composed of.

Punters of Aussie sports betting knowing which players shine on clay courts will be able to make use of this advantage when it comes to tournaments being played on them, and a simple search for the past winners of clay court tennis tournaments of recent times will always aid in this decision making process.

The Best Online Bookmakers for French Open Online Betting

Comparison sites endeavour to provide dedicated punters with all the tools they may require in order to enable them to start building their very own winning tennis betting strategies. The research they do will able to offer punters all the information they need to know about which bookmakers are the best bookmakers, and can assist bettors in finding the best welcome bonuses; the finest risk-free offers; and everything else that goes into successful online wagering.