Getting the Best Live AFL Entertainment and Placing Bets on

Getting the Best Live AFL Entertainment and Placing Bets on

The Australian Rules football that is played in the Australian Football League, or AFL, is very important to most of the country’s patriots. It is a game that has grown up over time, with rules and regulations that make it unique, and many would even argue that it is more popular in Australia that Rugby or Soccer.

For any footy fan, watching live AFL games at the stadiums is their first choice, but in today’s busy world this is not always possible. Luckily there are plenty of live AFL options available, to ensure that spectators can keep up with the action from wherever they are.

Watching and Listening to Live AFL Action

It’s possible to listen to and watch every AFL match live on the radio and on the television respectively. The television broadcast partners within the country are FOTEL/FOX FOOTY and the Seven Network, and their schedules are published well in advance. National radio partners include NIRS, K-Rock, Crocmedia (which actually has an AFL Live customised football match radio call), FIVEaa, 6PR, 1116 SEN, ABC, 3AW and Triple M. For those who are further afield, international television channels usually pick up the matches and checking where they will be aired in different territories is relatively easy.

Live streaming is also a great way to catch AFL games for those who have access to reliable and constant Internet connections on tablets, desktops and smartphones. There are different WatchAFL packages, including a 24/7 channel, on-demand match replays and broadcast coverage of special events. Overseas fans can also check out live scores, radio and stats on

Radio and internet connections should also help spectators stay in touch with other like-minded individuals. Calling in to radio broadcasts such as Crocmedia’s AFL Live and commenting on message boards or forums online is a lively way to interact with games and other enthusiasts as events unfold, and should help to immerse fans when they are unable to get to the games themselves.

Live AFL Bets

Discussing the finer points of the games with others will also help punters at portal with their live or in-play AFL bets. These wagers are made as the action is unfolding in real time, rather than before the game starts, so bettors can stick with a strategy that seems to be successful and compound their winnings, or change tactics and recoup their losses if need be. These stakes get easier to understand over time, and there are often special offers made specifically for live bets on the best betting sites. It’s a good idea to start placing these wagers with a healthy bankroll, to allow for the greatest flexibility. Starting with a pre-game bet is also a good idea, as it gives punters a reference point to work from in making later decisions.

The Next Best Thing to Being There

For those who can’t get to AFL matches, watching or listening to them as they happen can be almost as enjoyable. The different pleasures of being able to discuss events with a wider group via radio call-ins or online chatrooms is an additional perk, and can add considerable insight. For the busy punters of today, live AFL action is not limited to being at the stadium or land-based bookie.