Multi Hand Video Poker Explained

Multi Hand Video Poker Explained

Deuces Wild MH is a cross somewhere between a poker game and a slot machine. It runs on the Play n Go software platform so this fun game is available for mobile and desktop players. Its simple and addictive game play can provide hours of entertainment. The unique multi-hand feature means that you can play and wager on more than one hand at a time. This increases the odds of wins even more so there is a lot of enjoyment to be had by players of all skill levels.

The functional presentation makes the game play smooth and easy to understand. Deuces wild MH Another great game from Play n Go software that brings a unique spin to traditional online poker.

How To Play Deuces Wild MH                         

In Deuces Wild MH, the aim of the game is to make a winning poker hand from five cards you are dealt. The unique feature being that Deuces act as the wild symbol in online slots or a joker card, meaning they can substitute any missing cards you need to make a winning poker hand. This means that a deuce can complete a flush, or turn a two pair into a three of a kind hand.

In Deuces Wild MH you are not competing against other players or a dealer. It is more like a slot game experience in the sense that you simply click deal and see what hand you are dealt. The major difference being that another poker element that Deuces Wild MH retains is the ability to keep cards or be re dealt. Basically the game is divided into two rounds.

The first round you are dealt five cards, you can now pick which cards you will hold and which cards you would like to be re-dealt. Once you click the deal button you will have your cards re-dealt or your wager will be placed if you decide to keep your hand.

Hand Ranking Variance In Deuces Wild

The hands in Deuces Wild MH are ranked according to standard poker hand rules, but there are some variances with the introduction of the four wild deuces. Fortunately in Play n Go’s Deuces Wild MH, they have decided to keep it simple with the wild deuces in your standard poker hands. You will not be penalised with a wild deuce in your poker hand. So for instance a royal flush is still a 10, Jack, Queen, King and ace of the same suit, but you will also get rewarded for a deuce based royal flush. You however now are able to also get new hand combinations, for instance five of a kind that consists of a four of a kind hand, including a deuce.

Also unique to deuces wild is a four deuces hand that pays out at a higher ratio than a standard four of a kind hand. Four deuces are also ranked between a royal flush and a deuce royal flush on the hand-ranking table.

Rewarding Multi Hand Wagers

With simple game play, a great user interface and fast game play, Play n go’s Deuces Wild MH is a great game. The multi-hand feature will keep you entertained and result in your wagers paying out more often, making for a very rewarding play experience for all level skill levels.