What a Hoot Online Video Slot

What a Hoot Online Video Slot

What a Hoot is a fun and colourful online video slot game produced by Microgaming. While there are many slot games that incorporate animals into the theme, this game focuses specifically on owls. The main theme of the game is all about a group of owls getting together and having a party. In the game players will encounter a number of owls all dressed up with streamers, party hats and colourful decorations. The backdrop to the game is a night scene where we can see glowing owl eyes peeping out of the dark. The cartoon-like graphics and vibrant background track work together to create a party like atmosphere the blends well with the overall theme of the game.

A 5-Reel Owl Themed Slot

The slot setup in What a Hoot goes back to the basic Microgaming setup of 5 spinning reels with just 9 paylines in which players can create a winning combination. In this game, players can select from one up to nine paylines on each spin. Players can also bet a single coin or the maximum amount of coins on each individual spin. On the reels, players will find a host of owl characters that are all dressed up and ready for a party. The main owl symbols include the red owl, the white owl, the yellow owl and the blue owl. For the lower paying symbols, Microgaming have uses fruit symbols in the form of berries, a sunflower, a crab apple, acorns and chestnuts.

Forest Wild Symbol

When it comes down to it, What a Hoot is a simple Australian slots online game with a basic setup with very little in the way of bonus features. The game itself is perfect for first time players or anyone looking for a classic type of slot where the focus is on the slot itself and the formation of winning combinations. This being said, the game does include a wild symbol that plays an important role. The wild symbol in this game is the image of a forest at night with owl eyes peeping out in the dark. The wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other standard reel symbols in order to create a winning combination. The only symbol the wild symbol cannot substitute for is the firefly jar scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbols and Expert Mode

The highest paying symbol in What a Hoot is the forest wild symbol. If players are lucky enough to land all 5 wild symbols across the reels on a winning payline, they will trigger the game’s jackpot payout of 5000 coins on a standard bet. In addition to the wild symbol, the only other bonus feature is the scatter symbol. In this game, the scatter symbol plays the more traditional role of being a multiplier and paying out in any position on the reels. Since the game does not include any free spin rounds or bonus rounds, the scatter symbol in used for boosting wins. For those players who want to have more control of the game, What a Hoot does include an expert mode where players can set the number of spins and the time between each spin.